Friday, January 28, 2011

U & I

this is a story between U and I...

If U is not around  I can't do anything
I long for the taste of  U’s cooking
So  when U get back home
I gonna glomp U  with a great big smile
If U is not around  I can't take it anymore
I long for the sound of  U’s voice
Just being able to see U smile  that would mean everything to I
Simply being by I’s side  U always given I the courage
I wanna be with U  forever and a day
I wanna tell U  that this is how I feel
Whether under the sun  or under the rain
U were always there  when I needed U
Whenever I close my eyes  I could see U’s smile  shining brightly
If U is not around  I don't know what to do
Where's the sugar and soy sauce?
And I was hoping that  I could surprise U
When U come home
I think I have been spoiled too much
Because U is too good to I
U gave me so many things that  I can't even get to pay U back
All the while I took U’s existence for granted
And I thought that we would always, always be together
As days go by
I'm sorry  only now that I realized
That it really isn't the case
So to start things off  I have to tell U these two words
"Thank you"
Will they go straight to U heart?
I  not so sure of himself right now but
Don't laugh, okay? Please listen to me
'Cause I gonna put all his feelings  into this story
I would like to give U  every ounce of his gratitude
And send it to U  through this story
This is a feeling  I will never, ever forget 
Dedicated  to U
(sorry for the grammatical errors)