Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yes you were there
Look stylishly at the sweet little moon
Waiting for the conqueror to bring the sensation there
I knew it, yes I know more than you can wonder
Your true uniqueness, your true personality
Yet you still want to conceal it from the enemies

Look around yourself
There are nation who eminence behind you
Open and use your sixth sense
Even though you can’t use it
I’ll help you to rediscover the undiscovered
Not the faint side that is important
But the inner side of you
Don’t you realize that?

Can’t you see these wonders?
God create us together with a reason
It is our task to find it
It is my duty to explore it
The problem is, can I?
No, may I?

You can’t hide it from truth
You just have to be yourself
O girl you drove me to the garden of happiness
You can’t imagine it can’t you?
I am blissful, I am cheerful
To cheer you up when you cheerless
To heaven you when you in hell
It is my duty right?
Thanks to you and welcome from me

Or should I say “143”?
What is the difference anyway?
Only you knew it
I’ll keep on waiting in thousands of years
Hoping you realize my existence
To take you away from this world full with sadness
To take you beyond the limitation
To take you with me
Till the end of me
My dearly beloved Ryouko…

7seventyn (00:05:, 30/12/2010)